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The most sophisticated readability checker in the industry.

And the best part is - it’s FREE to start with! AISEO’s readability checker helps you with detecting the readability score of your content and make suggestions on how to improve the content.

Readability of content still matters

One of the most important aspects of writing great content is making it readable. Readability is the ease of understanding something. The reason why readability is so important is that it is a pillar of effective writing. Low-quality text will be difficult to read and a turn-off for your audience. That's where a readability checker comes in.

A readability checker is a tool that helps you to ensure your content is easy to read and understand. It checks your content against various readability metrics, such as grade level, sentence length, and word count.

What is readability?

The ease with which a text can be read is known as readability. Your text's readability depends on a number of factors, including its complexity, familiarity, legibility, and typography.

However, the readability checker, often known as a reading level checker, assists you in determining what grade level the child may easily read and comprehend your article or text. The readability score is determined using several formulas. There are various ways to determine the text's grade level. The most widely used metrics are the Automated Readability Index, Gunning Fog Score, SMOG Index, Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, and Flesch Kincaid Grade Level.

Why does readability matters to you?

When creating high-quality material, readability is a crucial component. It affects accessibility, usability, user experience, and Google ranking. Additionally, it increases reader trust and strengthens your brand.

People will become frustrated and leave your site as soon as they find the text too tough to read. Nowadays, people are accustomed to receiving information rapidly, and this is particularly true online.

High readability helps to avoid misunderstandings and makes it simple for the reader to comprehend the information you've provided without wasting a lot of effort. Readability is crucial in business, especially in marketing, as it can influence readers' interest in your material.

Who can use the readability checker tool?

Individuals and companies wishing to make their material simple to read and comprehend can use the readability checker tool. The readability test tool may help anyone, whether they work in marketing, as content writers, or in any other profession. You can be sure that doing so will save you time and enable you to produce future content that is of higher quality. People who appreciate clarity and openness in their business practices can employ the AISEO readability checker online tool throughout all industries and professions.

How does a readability checker tool work?

A quick and simple way to evaluate the readability of your writing is to use the Readability test tool. Such a tool is essential for ensuring your content is accessible to as many people as possible. It can help you to make your content more readable for those with lower reading levels and also ensure that your content conforms to best practices for readability.

By using a sample of your work, our AISEO Readability Checker counts the sentences, words, syllables, and characters in the sample. Our tool inputs the results of these numbers into seven well-known readability formulas.

What are the languages supported by AISEO's readability checker?

English, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Swedish, Chinese.

Improve readability with the AISEO readability checker

You must always emphasize writing engagingly and simply. It's even more crucial when it comes to internet content since online distractions are common. We're used to always having access to new resources, and other stuff is only a click away. Additionally, reading from a screen requires more work, and since it takes more energy to stay focused, online reading demands more of us. Because of this, readability is crucial when you are writing for online audiences.

But how do you ensure that your content is readable and suitable for your audience? That’s where you must use our AISEO readability checker tool. Our reading level checker tool uses the latest AI technology and machine learning to differentiate hard sentences. It also allows you top choose easier words to make it more engaging.

What is the Flesch Kincaid reading ease formula?

The Flesch reading ease score is the most frequently used readability score. It is a number between 0 and 100, with 100 being the easiest to understand. The easiest-to-understand texts have a score of 60 or higher.

The readability score is calculated by comparing a text's average sentence length with the number of words per sentence. The shorter the average sentence length and the higher the number of words per sentence, the easier the text is to read. The readability score is then based on how the words in that text are distributed. Here are the different levels of readability as per scores. 


School Level

Ease Level


5th grade

Very Easy


6th grade



7th grade

Fair Easy


8-9th grade

Plain English


10th-12th grade

Fairly Difficult





College graduate

Very Difficult

What is a readability score?

A readability score is a numerical indication of readability for a given text. It's a score that indicates how easy a text is to read. The readability score is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the score, the easier the text is to read.

The best readability score is 100. It suggests that the material is simple to comprehend, and it is quite possible to get one hundred points. However, most texts will get a score of 75 or 80, which is still useful. So, by using our AISEO readability checker tool, you may ensure content with a readability score.

How much content can I check with a readability checker?

A readability checker tool allows you to check numerous pieces of content. You can easily check blogs, research papers, essays, and scripts. The AISEO  readability checker tool ensures your content is written to be understood by the widest audience possible. It provides you with the most accurate readability scores out there.

Additionally, our readability checker also includes a passive voice detector that helps you write clearly and concisely by identifying possible weak points in your prose, including passive voice. The paraphrasing tool helps you write clearly and concisely by identifying possible weak points in your prose, including the number of passive voice, adverbs, and hyphenated words.

Can the readability checker test my emails and articles?

You may determine from a text's readability score what amount of education is required to understand it. The score indicates a student's grade level concerning their years of schooling. With the help of the AISEO readability checker, you can easily check your emails and rewrite articles. This readability checker free tool will give you a score for your text. You can also use it to find the readability of texts from other websites.

Generate SEO-optimized content with a readability checker

It's important to remember that search engines are growing better every day at emulating humans, which is why readability might also affect your rankings. While it was possible to just cram your content with keywords in the early days of SEO, Google is now much better at identifying high-quality material.

Additionally, search algorithms are more adept at anticipating what readers will find interesting. The best course of action is to center your material on the reader and their experience. As a result, readability becomes even more crucial to your rankings. However, you may check our AISEO readability checker to generate SEO-optimized content in a few minutes.

Is content audit important for improving readability?

YES. A content audit is an essential activity for any digital marketing campaign. It helps you to determine the usability of your content and to work on the issues that are preventing visitors from converting. If you want to make your content more accessible, you need to consider the readers’ needs, and the words used in your content must be easily understood and pleasant to read.

A content audit means you must look at your content's most important words. You need to determine if your content is easy to read and if it includes the appropriate number of words. When conducting a content audit, you need to determine the main objectives. The goal is to ensure that you have well-argued and comprehensive content. Therefore, you need to have the right knowledge about the topic.

How does readability affect SEO?

Readability is a factor to consider when writing content for SEO purposes. The more readable and easy-to-understand content, the higher the chance that the content will rank well. Having readable content can also help with user experience. For SEO, readability plays a direct and indirect role. A target audience's ability to assimilate your content influences their behavior signals, which Google tracks. Google favors material that is easy to read and gives users a positive experience. So, you need to create SEO-friendly content. Our AISEO readability improver can help you to identify difficult terms and sentences and suggest an improvement.

What makes good readability?

The best content is easy to read, so it’s important to assess your copy for readability. This may seem like a simple task, but the quality of your content is often overlooked when an SEO professional first takes a look at a page.

The best thing to do is to start with a look at the headline and the first paragraph of copy. These are the first two things people see when they arrive at your page, so if they’re difficult to comprehend, they will probably not spend much time on it. It will probably be a tough sell if the headline is difficult to read and the first paragraph is dense with keywords.

To improve readability, you can start by breaking up your text into different sections and using various styles and fonts to make the copy more easily processed. You should also add images, headings, and bullet points to break the page. You may try the ASIEO readability checker if you lack time and resources. This is the best readability checker tool to assist all your work within a few minutes.

Is 52 a Good readability score?

In a word: NO. The readability score of 52 suggests that the material is extremely difficult to understand. This is one of the worst scores you can get. It’s not that the text is difficult to read, but it’s really dense material that resists any kind of understanding. The best readability score you can hope for is 100. Readability scores have nothing to do with your text, but they help you figure out how long it will take for readers to learn the information. Any score above 70 is considered a good readability score.

Get engaging content with a readability checker

The possibility that the audience will comprehend your ideas and thoughts clearly increases when you strive for excellent readability. High readability helps to avoid misunderstandings and makes it simple for the reader to comprehend the information you've provided without wasting a lot of effort.

By ensuring a document is readable, whether it be a patient care manual, a marketing piece for a certain company, or a policy, you enhance the likelihood that your reader will easily understand what you are trying to say. You must aim for a grade level of roughly 8 when writing content for the general public. The AISEO readability checker is a great option to increase the quality and readability of any piece of content.

How is this index calculated?

The vast majority of formulas used to determine the readability index include the following elements:

  • Long sentences are typically harder to understand than short ones.

  • Short and simple words are much simpler to understand than longer ones.

  • Compared to some specialized terms or antique words, commonly used words are simpler to understand.

  • Although readability is not difficult to understand, many individuals undervalue its importance.

Are Readability Tests Accurate?

Readability tests are often used to measure the readability of your content. But how accurate are they? The text can look good, but the readability scores may not be accurate every time with an online tool. For example, the text's word count and reading grade levels may be the same, but the readability scores may not. You need to understand these inconsistencies to know how to improve them. 

They may score it too low if the sentence structure, formatting, and word count are not accurate. For example, a paragraph with a sentence structure that’s too complex may get a lower readability score than a paragraph with proper sentence structure. But if you choose a trustable and reliable readability checker tool, you may ensure it'll give you accurate results. One such tool is the AISEO readability checker tool.

What are the main methods of readability checking?

Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease

Formula: 206.835 – 1.015 (total words/total sentences) – 84.6 (total syllables/ total words)

It is possible to test the text's compatibility using the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease. The test results are expressed differently in Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease. A high score indicates that the test was readable and simple to comprehend. If you receive a low score, it suggests that your writing needs to be changed and is difficult to read.

It uses a scale from 0 to 100. Lower scores indicate reading difficulty; higher scores indicate reading ease. FKRE scores for 13- to 15-year-olds must range from 60 to 80.

Grade Level in Flesch-Kincaid

Formula: 0.39 (total words/total sentences) +11.8 (total syllables/ total words) + 15.59

The name of this readability checker already gives some hints. Administrations at schools, colleges, and universities specifically use it. This is how they determine whether or not the textbooks are readable. There are other additional Flesch Kincaids who offer assistance in various challenging circumstances. This one is the most helpful of all.

Gunning-Fog Index

Formula: 0.4 [(words/sentences) +100 (complex words/words)]

The Gunning-Fog Index is a simple reading level algorithm that evaluates the readability of a document based on the number of syllables, words, sentences, and paragraphs. The higher the Gunning Fog index, the lower the document's readability. The Gunning-Fog Index is a good indication of the readability of a document.

How to Improve Your Reading Score

It's not too difficult to raise your readability score. Here are some things to think about:

  • Short sentences help readers stay focused on your main concept, which really matters.

  • Cut out unnecessary terms like essentially, actually, and yet. These words are unnecessary interruptions that don't add anything to your text and raise the word count.

  • Reduce the length of paragraphs by dividing complicated thoughts into smaller informational units. Create new topic sentences to divide these sections.

  • Important keywords should be repeated regularly to make it simpler for readers to scan your writing (every two or three paragraphs).

  • Make the most of headings and subheadings to break up lengthy text passages.

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