Fair usage policy

What is AISEO fair usage policy?

Although you can generate unlimited characters per month on the Scale plan, we do not allow multiple users sharing the same account and there are daily usage limits.

Generation limits are there to deter automated behavior and keep us and our Partner's service safe from potential misuse and abuse. The limits are often difficult to pinpoint and may depend on the use case. All use cases are allowed just generating high volume using scripts are not allowed an it could result in your account being frozen en potentioal banning as well.

Restriction Rules:

With AISEO your agree to adhere to these restrictions inside your account. You also agree to abide by specific guidelines and rules when using AISEO.

If our team identifies you for any and all violations of our terms of service, we will immediately freeze your account and issue a warning. We will then speak with you to discuss the situation, at which time we will reactivate your account.