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The most sophisticated passive voice checker in the industry.

And the best part is - it’s FREE to start with! AISEO’s passive voice checker helps with detecting passive voice at balzing speed using the most advanced algorithms.

Understanding Passive Voice

In traditional English, it is common for writers to use the passive voice, meaning that the subject of the sentence is not active. In the passive voice, the sentence's subject is replaced by a prepositional phrase or clause. The passive voice is most commonly used in times of uncertainty or wishful thinking. This is a good way to avoid the possibility of a subject or actor being blamed for the situation's outcome.

The passive voice can be used in various ways, but replacing the sentence's subject with a prepositional phrase or clause is the most common. For example, "John eats food" becomes "The food is eaten by John." This is most common in first-person sentences. However, as a grammatical construction, the passive voice is not limited to first-person sentences and can be used in any position.  

So, if you are looking for a passive voice checker tool that detects passive voice in your content, you must try AISEO passive voice checker. 

Differences Between active and passive voice

The voice of a verb in a sentence determines whether it is active or passive in English grammar. As a result, there are two major voice categories: active and passive. An active voice is one in which the subject performs the action in the sentence. On the other hand, the voice is referred to as passive if the subject serves as the recipient or target of the action performed.

Let's see in a detailed way the difference between active and passive voice.

Active Voice: Writing in the active voice is a form that shows the subject performing the action suggested by the verb and taking the object directly. When speaking in the active voice, the subject is referred to as the agent of the main verb since it performs the action requested by the verb.

Passive Voice: When we emphasize the action, i.e., the verb and its object, rather than the subject, we use the writing style known as passive voice. Passive voice is also appropriate. when the actor is unknown or unimportant or when you want to focus on the person or thing on which the action occurred. It may also be employed when discussing a universal fact or truth.


Active Voice: Thieves robbed the bank.

Passive Voice: The bank was robbed by thieves.

  Have you ever wonder what passive voice and active voice are and what are the differences between them? Well, these paragraphs discuss for you all important info and features of passive voice and how to identify and correct what you do wrong when talking in passive or active voices. 

How to find a passive voice with a passive voice checker tool

Sometimes using the passive voice is appropriate, but using it too often is grammatically incorrect. Unfortunately, Microsoft Word and other widely used word processing systems' spell and passive voice correctors do not account for this issue. The writer must identify the passive form of a verb on their own.

The subject of the phrase in passive voice is the verb's object. It joins the past participle with an auxiliary verb, like has or was. You probably have a passive voice sentence if you encounter an auxiliary verb with a past tense verb.

The second way to detect passive voice is by using a passive voice checker. A passive voice checker looks for passive voice in your writing and shows you examples of passive voice and the alternatives to active voice. 

Use Passive Voice Checkers to Tighten Your Writing

There are several free passive voice checkers out there, but not all of them are as good as they are hyped up to be. A good passive voice checker is helpful for quick proofreading and finding out the passive voice in the content. It will highlight any passive voice in your writing and point out common passive voice problems. 

This is where you need to pick up the best passive voice checker. The AISEO passive voice checker is a best passive voice checker that offers you one-click edits in addition to identifying and highlighting passive voice usage in your writing. Simply place your cursor over the problematic text and select a more appropriate option from the list that appears to resolve the issue. 

Is the passive voice a writing mistake?

No, it is not wrong to use the passive voice. However, you have to use it correctly. You must be careful to avoid ambiguity and write in the active voice when possible. But, it is a writing mistake if you use it excessively. Let's see why you should not use excessive passive voice in your writings:

It might be Confusing

The passive voice highlights the issue of clarity in writing, which is why the majority of writing instructors dislike it. Usually, they have to make assumptions about what you mean when you text.

Passive Sentences are Wordy

Clarity is diminished by wordiness. It entails overusing terms that could clog up your writing. Directness and simplicity are key components of good writing. Unfortunately, passive voice is neither of those. Since the passive sentence is frequently lengthier than the active sentence, your writing appears wordy.

Sentence Complications

The English language's fundamental active sentence structure follows a rational and consistent pattern. It typically involves a subject engaged in a certain action. The passive voice flips it on its head. Therefore, you must read the action before discovering who is performing it. Readers must therefore work more cognitively to comprehend the sentence arrangement.

What are the languages supported by AISEO's Passive voice checker?

English, Bulgarian, Czech, German, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, Danish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Finnish, Russian, Estonian, Swedish, Chinese.

Improve your writing with the AISEO Passive voice checker

In order to avoid using passive voice in your writing, utilize the AISEO Passive Voice Checker. According to most traditional grammar checkers, passive voice in sentences can be detected. If you do it manually, you have to work hard. But as you are already aware, it is quite acceptable to use passive voice in writing.

Therefore, it's possible that a standard passive voice checker won't be the best at spotting every variation of this voice structure. It's a good thing that AISEO Passive Voice Checker isn't like other systems. The passive voice is frequently used in writing, and this passive voice checker can quickly analyze your text and show you where it is used. Thus, you can change the phrases to be written in the active voice.

How does the passive voice checker works?

You should check out our AISEO free passive voice checker tool. It can help you detect passive voice in your writing and suggest the best way to fix it. This free passive voice checker will analyze your text and tell you whether you are using passive voice or not and where it is located. Our passive voice checker can also detect a lot of other problems that you may not even know about. It can automatically check if you are using complicated or long sentences if you are using an incorrect verb tense, if you are using adverbs, and if you are using prepositions incorrectly.

Advantages of Using AISEO Passive voice checker Online Free Tool

Writing in the passive voice is uncertain and lengthy. Writers must place a big emphasis on readability, especially those who write for digital audiences. Wordiness can be reduced, and writing will be simpler to read by using the best passive voice checker and corrector. 

Passive voice checkers can help you proofread more effectively to eliminate unnecessary passive voice. Strong writing employs more active voice than passive voice. You may tighten up your writing and improve its ability to convey your message with the aid of the AISEO passive voice checker. Here are some advantages of using the AISEO passive voice checker online free tool: 

Instant Detection: When the subject of a sentence receives an action, the passive voice checker recognizes passive voice usage in the content. It will hardly take a few seconds to a minute.

Tone and clarity: AISEO passive voice checker's unique writing style guide helps you write more effectively, whether you're a student or professional. By changing passive voice into active voice, it will obtain the original tone and bring clarity to the content

Save time: AISEO passive voice checker can keep a close eye on your writing while you focus on your ideas. Get instant notifications when you put your content for checking passive voice. Our passive voice checker will easily save your precious time for other writing projects.

Conciseness Suggestion: Our passive voice checker online free tool also allows you suggestions that you can make to change the sentence into an active voice. You don't have to worry, as AI is quite smart to get the job done.

What are the benefits of using active voice?

Your sentences will be shorter if you write in the active voice, which is one of the key advantages. Writing that switches from passive to active voice tends to be shorter, clearer, and more direct. The majority of non-scientific writing employs it.

Below are some benefits of using active voice:

  • Sentences have a clearer structure. They are prone to complications when written in the passive voice.
  • It takes on a more casual, conversational tone. Most of us prefer to speak with an active voice. Writing in the active voice is similar to speaking, which is how most people write.Active voice has an emotional influence. Businesses and writers can directly get attached to readers with their writings.
  • The active voice creates a sensation of immediacy. This could speed up your writing process.
  • When writing in the active voice, you place more emphasis on the actor than the action.
  • It transforms the request for action into a command
  • It helps people who read at a lower reading level or for whom English is a second language to comprehend the information more easily.

Where do we use passive voice?

The passive voice is used to express interest in the subject of an action rather than the subject or object that actually performs it. In other words, the most significant object or someone becomes the sentence's topic.

There are instances where the passive voice is more acceptable, even though the active form is typically favored in most writing tasks. The main distinction between active and passive speech is emphasis.

Passive voice is sometimes completely acceptable in sentences. The following situations could justify its use:

  • The actor is unidentified.
  • The actor is unimportant.
  •  You want to be ambiguous regarding who is accountable.
  • You are discussing a universal truth.
  • The person or thing that was acted upon should be highlighted.
  • You are using passive voice in a scientific genre that is customarily active.

How to Stop Using Passive Voice in Your Writing

Do you wish to add more energy and intensity to your writing? You may avoid using the passive voice in your statements by taking a few simple measures.

Much of it comes down to practice, as with most things in the writing world and the world at large. Take the time to review your writing after you've finished it, check for any instances of passive voice, and change them to active voice whenever it makes sense.

With practice, using the active voice will come naturally. Of course, everyone needs help at some point along the way. Don't worry if you're still a little unsure. This will all be simple, thanks to AISEO passive voice checker and corrector

Who Can Benefit from Using a Free Active and Passive Voice Corrector

Our passive voice corrector tool is not only useful for students but is also useful for professional writers. Most writers need to check their writing for passive voice and other problems. They need a passive voice checker tool to help them analyze their writing. They need a tool to help them detect passive voice and many other problems in their writing. So, if you are one of them, you should check out our passive voice checker and corrector because it can help you with this. You can use the passive voice checker tool to check for passive voice, long sentences, and many other problems that you may not even know about.

How do I change passive voice into active?

Change the voice in your statement if you can identify the subject and verb. Let's look at the example below to see how to go from passive voice to active voice: The players were instructed by the coach. Follow these procedures to transform your sentence from the passive voice to active voice.

Step 1: Determine the sentence's action

What is the sentence's main action? Someone is instructing someone else (the topic) (the object). In this sentence, the verb phrase were instructed contains the past tense of the verb instructed.

Step Two: Determine the sentence's subject

The subject may appear at the end of passive sentences or be completely absent. The instructor, who is the one instructing, comes after the verb. The phrase "The players were instructed" would be missing from the statement.

Step three: Put the subject before the verb 

Put the subject and the verb together once you've located them. As of now, you have "The coach was given directions." But that sounds incorrect. Change the verb tense to "The coach instructed" by fixing it.

Step Four: Place the Object in Its Proper Place

Who was the coach instructing? In this sentence, "the players" are the subject since they are the ones who receive the action (instructing). Put the object after the verb, exactly where it belongs: "The coach instructed the players." You've now completed an active voice sentence.

You can do it with the help of an active and passive voice checker tool. One such tool is our AISEO active and passive voice checker tool that can detect passive voice instantly and suggest solutions to it. 

Is there any passive voice checker free online tool to use?

Since some phrases focusing on objects utilize passive voice, a 10% passive voice is permitted when utilizing certain portals like WordPress or others. However, the readability outcomes will change if the percentage rises above 10%. Here we present AISEO passive voice checker free online tools that make it simple for you to assess passive Voice in order to assist you in dealing with passive voice issues. Our passive voice checker tool comes with numerous features and is one of the best passive voice detectors free to use for everyone.

A few passive voice with examples

Here are a few sets of passive voice with examples to make things more clear about active and passive voice. 

Active Voice: Beautiful giraffes roam the savannah.

Passive Voice: The savannah is roamed by beautiful giraffes.

Active Voice: Sue changed the flat tire.

Passive Voice: The flat tire was changed by Sue.

Active Voice:  Mom read the novel in one day.

Passive Voice: The novel was read by Mom in one day.

Active Voice:  Tom painted the entire house.

Passive Voice: The entire house was painted by Tom.

Active Voice:  The two kings are signing the treaty.

Passive Voice: The treaty is being signed by the two kings.   

Passive Voice Checker tool vs. Manual Checking

Using a passive voice corrector tool might help you spot text inconsistencies that can be easily missed. It might be challenging to distinguish between active and passive sentences in a text. The passive voice checker tool will therefore assist you in locating those. Additionally, you can use the passive voice detector tool to check your punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You will be given a list of any errors found, and it will also indicate whether or not your work is on the right track.

How does active voice affect a sentence?

When writing in the active voice, fewer words are often used to make the writing more concise. Active voice sentences have a direct, straightforward tone that is easier to read and sounds more pleasant to the listener. Consequently, a narrative moves more quickly when utilizing an active voice sentence checker. Texts are typically easier to read as a result.

Do I need to get rid of passive voice completely?

The issue with passive voice is that it lengthens sentences and obscures the identification of the object performing the action. This may result in slightly more difficult reading and clumsy writings that distort the content. It's not always necessary to get rid of anything totally, though. You can see exactly where to make adjustments to your text by using our active or passive voice checker.

Is it True That Active Voice Is Better Than Passive Voice?

People use active and passive voices for different text types and messages. Neither of them is superior to the other. However, writing in the active voice can help content read better. When creating these kinds of texts, using a passive voice checker online tool is helpful because most businesses, academic institutions, and search engines prefer active voice. Furthermore, many writing professionals use and appreciate AISEO passive voice checker.

What Documents Can Be Checked with This Tool?

The AISEO passive voice checker tool can check any kind of document, including academic writings, factual content, emails, informal pieces, and blogs. Either directly enter into the tool or paste your documents into the empty space. The active voice generator converts passive to active voice and will swiftly determine the genre of the content, highlight any mistakes, and make appropriate improvement suggestions.

Find Passive Voice Misuse with AISEO Passive voice checker

Finding and emphasizing the errors is the key function of our passive voice misuse checker tool. Thus, it takes the author little effort to search through the text and identify the passive voices.

The writer benefits from various suggestions and strong words that enhance the text's readability thanks to the AISEO passive voice misuse finder. It has a user-friendly interface that is a quick, and simple interface, making it unique.

It's advised to click through switching to the necessary active voices when the passive voice checker has finished identifying the faults. Copy the text and paste it into the word document once the procedure is finished.

Why Is a Voice checker Tool so Useful?

The use of a passive voice checker free online tool has many advantages. It aids in converting passive sentences into active ones for clearer writing and simpler reading and highlights grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. These mistype, corrections, and suggestions can improve your writing, help you avoid misunderstandings, and help you convey your ideas more clearly and succinctly. Last but not least, this passive voice sentence checker tool also saves you time by eliminating the need for several revisions and proofreading.

What is the most effective way to correct passive and active voice errors?

Our passive voice checker free tool is the most effective way to convert passive speech to active voice. The program's current algorithm scans the text and offers precise word suggestions. The time required to perform a manual inspection is decreased by the checker. Additionally, it offers the best coherent options to increase the text's readability.

Do I need to download and install a passive voice checker?

No, you don't need to install or download software on your phone or computer. Although these are several tools that ask you to download, our AISEO passive voice checker is free and ready to use in a few clicks. You can check passive voice sentences in your writing right from the website. Anyone can use our active vs passive checker tool without any cost or membership.

Is there a reliable and trustworthy passive voice checker tool available?

You may encounter several active to passive voice checker and corrector tools on the internet. But if you want to use the tool for the long run, you must use a reliable and accurate tool. 

Our AISEO passive voice checker free tool has been created after years of testing to provide better results to its users. It uses artificial intelligence to detect passive voice in your content and suggest mandatory changes to make it more accurate and readable to your users.    

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