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The most sophisticated passive voice changer in the industry.

And the best part is - it’s FREE to start with! AISEO’s passive voice changer helps you with converting passive voice to active voice using advaned AI engines (such as GPT-3, ...).

Understanding passive voice

Many students struggle with the transition from the passive to the active voice. It may be quite confusing and challenging. You must first detect the sentence structure if you need to change passive voice to active. It's crucial to comprehend the differences between passive and active voices. The subject performs the action in an active voice. While in the passive voice, the action that the verb expresses is received by the subject.

What do you mean by passive voice changer?

A passive voice changer is an online application that employs predetermined software-based linguistic algorithms and grammatical rules to automatically identify passive voice phrases and propose the appropriate adjustments in a piece of work.

People from all professions use the Passive to Active Voice Changer tool frequently. In all fields, the proper use of the passive voice is crucial. You should be prepared to take advantage of various active voice changer tools and features that enhance your text's awesomeness.

Why should you not frequently use passive voice?

It is not a grammatical mistake to utilize the passive voice in writing. It's only a grammatical voice structure, yet it can make your text less clear. To put it another way, utilizing passive voice can make it difficult for the reader to understand what you mean.

The flow and readability of a document are improved by writing concisely since passive phrases are frequently unnecessarily long. Passive sentences frequently contain more words than active sentences, which is one of the reasons why authors are recommended to avoid using them.

Using the passive voice has the additional drawback that makes the object of the action the subject of the sentence, which can challenge reading the sentence.

Which is the best passive voice changer?

The user base of passive voice changers is expanding globally per year. More than 6.9 million different people regularly utilize grammar services, including passive voice changers and changers. Passive voice in sentences is supposedly detectable by most traditional grammar changers.

However, as you are already aware, utilizing the passive voice in writing is not grammatically incorrect. This is a situation where you need to pick a smart sentence voice changer. We highly recommend you use AISEO passive voice changer online for your writings. It is one of the best passive voice changers available in the market. 

Is There Any free Passive Voice changer tool available?

The AISEO passive voice changer tool is freely available to everyone. It doesnt require any subscription or membership. This passive voice correction tool will provide the desired result to you in a minimum time. It is one of the most useful tools to update your writing style to active voice and sentence structure and check for grammatical errors. The active voice changer tool can easily detect the mistakes of active and passive voices in the sentences.

How does a passive voice changer work?

You should use an excellent passive to active voice changer online tool to review and identify the passive voice in the text quickly. It will highlight any instances of passive voice in your work and draw attention to typical passive voice issues. 

We recommend using our free AISEO passive voice changer online tool. It can assist you in identifying passive voice in your work and provide the most effective correction advice. By analyzing your writing, this free passive to active voice changer online will determine whether you've used passive voice and where exactly.

Additionally, many other issues you might not even be aware of can be found by using our sentence voice changer. It can automatically determine whether your sentences are complex or lengthy, whether you are using the wrong verb tense, whether you are using adverbs, and whether you are using the wrong prepositions.

For Whom passive to active voice changer online tool is useful?

Governmental, judicial, academic, corporate, and other forms of communication frequently use passive sentences. The proper use of passive voice is essential because inappropriate uses can cause understanding and clarity issues. A passive voice changer online tool is one of the finest methods to improve your sentences' accuracy, precision, and professionalism. The switch from passive to active voice has advantages for professionals and those employed in many fields of business, industries, and sectors.

The following persons in particular stand to gain the most from it:

  • Professors, researchers, and educators
  • Lawyers, judges, and complainants
  • Corporate managers and consultants
  • Job seekers and employers
  • Writers, linguists, and historians
  • Government officers and analysts

How do you define active and passive voices?

An active voice sentence is one that has a subject that directly engages in the activity described by the sentence's verb on the sentence's object.

Whereas passive voice refers to any phrase in which the subject is not in the active form, and the object acts as the subject while the subject is the object of the verb. Let's understand in a clear way

Active voice - the subject performs the verb's action. For example, Tom painted the house.

Passive voice - the subject receives the verb's action. For example, The house was painted by Tom.

Passive voice usage in writing might make the reader confused and obfuscate the sentence's subject. The good news is that switching from the passive to active voice is surprisingly simple with the passive voice changer tool.

Manual Passive Voice Changing vs. Online Passive Voice Changer

 Passive Voice Changer Online Tool

  • Utilizing the Online Passive Voice changer Quick and effective
  • There is no requirement for any linguistic expertise.
  • Reduced chances of skipping passive voice mistake
  • Available in both free and premium subscription versions
  • Helps in correcting your errors
  • Textual plagiarism is simple to spot
  • Many additional services are available, including those for grammar, punctuation, and plagiarism.
  • Provides a variety of word choices to help you expand your vocabulary and learn how to use words properly.

Manual Passive Voice Changing 

  • It is a slow process and takes a long time
  • Need linguistics knowledge
  • Probabilities of not spotting passive voice errors
  • It does not operate continuously.
  • Easy plagiarism detection is not possible
  • You will be charged a hefty sum for professional manual analysis.
  • The use of extra services results in increased costs for you

Does the Passive Voice changer tool generate great results?

According to the most recent research, online tools to convert active and passive voices can significantly increase students' grammar proficiency. Most people nowadays have shown confidence in passive voice-changing tools.

The efficiency and precision of the online passive voice changing tools are being progressively enhanced by the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Online passive sentence changers that integrate AI can better comprehend the writing styles of various writers.

As a result, these tools are becoming much more trusted. In comparison to earlier online tools, the accuracy rate has also increased. The AISEO is one such tool that has provided significant results to its users over time.

Avoid Passive Voice with a Passive Voice changer

Most writing instructors oppose the passive voice because it draws focus to the issue of clarity in writing. Usually, when you text, people have to guess what you're trying to say. You can use the AISEO Passive Voice Changer to ensure you're not writing in the passive voice. With the help of this passive voice changer, you can rapidly examine your writing and see where it occurs. Additionally, you can change all passive voice sentences into active voice with a single click.

Benefits of passive voice changer

Immediate Recognition: The AISEO passive voice changer tool detects passive voice usage in your content the moment you put it for checking in our tool. It won't take more than a minute. If allowed, the limit of 50000 characters in a single time.

Formatting and Styling:

The AISEO online passive sentence changer tool also provides formatting and styling options for your paper, enhancing its presentation. It also evaluates the text for any spelling and punctuation errors and makes the necessary corrections.

Clarity and toning:

Whether a student or a professional, the AISEO active to passive voice changer can help you write more successfully and align to your brand tone. The information will sound more natural and clearer by switching from passive to active speech. You don't need to be concerned, as AI is very clever at understanding the context and making sentences concise and readable.

Save time and resources:

The AISEO's passive voice checker can maintain a careful eye on your writing. You will receive immediate suggestions when you submit content for passive voice changing. Using our passive to active voice changer online, you can save your valuable time and resources for other writing tasks.

How to Change Voice from Passive to Active?

Changing from passive voice to active voice is quite easy. You just need to follow the below steps, and in the end, you'll get your sentence in active voice. In the below steps we will change “the children were instructed by the teacher” to active voice.

Step 1: Determine the sentence's action

Step 2: Determine the sentence's subject

Step 3: Put the subject before the verb.

Step 4: Place the Object in Its Proper Place

In the above sentence, the action is “instructed,” which is in the second verb form. “The teacher” is the subject followed by “the children” as the object of the sentence. According to our steps above, we will get the sentence in the following way. However, you can also use the active to passive voice converter tool to change of voice in English.

The teacher instructed the children. (Active voice)

Passive voice structure with example

Sentence Structure:

Active voice: Subject + Verb + Object

Passive voice: Object + Verb + Subject

You must have noticed that the verb form alters when you go from active to passive voice and vice-versa. Auxiliary and primary verbs are the two types of verbs now in use. The primary verb is usually followed by an auxiliary verb. An auxiliary verb, such as be, do, or have, expresses the tense or aspect of the main verb.

Let's understand with some examples:

Active voice: Steve picked up the hammer.

Passive voice: The hammer was picked up by Steve.

Active voice: Thieves robbed the bank

Passive voice: The bank was robbed by thieves.

Active voice: Love fills my heart.

Passive voice: My heart is filled with love.

Pros and Cons of Using Passive Voice changer


  • A rapid and immediate tool made by internet technologies
  • Very simple and user-friendly tool
  • Provides incredibly precise outcomes
  • Provides suggestions with highlighted color
  • Automatic correction with one click
  • Additional features include grammar and punctuation checks.
  • Available at all times, 24/7, anytime, anywhere.


  • Lack of emotional intelligence
  • An extremely limited capacity for artificial intelligence to think
  • Requires a final review after changing to active voice.

AISEO Passive Voice Changer: The only tool you need

It is very important that you get the best passive voice to active voice generator, which offers all the tools to convert a passive voice sentence into an active one. The AISEO active to passive voice changer has been built to ensure that readers understand what you want them to read. The passive voice conversion tool detects the whole of the documents and highlights where the passive voice sentences are present.

For instance, if you have used many long words and do not use conjunctions, it will be difficult for the readers to understand your work. Our passive voice conversion tool helps you correct your writing by showing the most appropriate sentence that you can use. It also helps to improve the readability of your writing.  

How to Use AISEO Passive Voice Changer?

Once you have completed writing your document, you want to see if the passive voice check, tone, and punctuation are correct. You should copy and paste the paper to the AISEO passive changer online platform. The passive sentence changer will tell you where to correct, the grammar to use, and where to add punctuation marks. It will also let you know if any of the sentences is hard enough and suggest you make them simple. Similarly, by selecting and clicking, you can change passive voice to active voice right from our passive to active voice changer online tool. 

What Makes AISEO Passive Voice Changer Unique?

Reliable results: Our online active to passive voice changer tool is powered by artificial intelligence. It has been positively reviewed by linguists, language experts, and grammatists. It instantly detects your content, analyzes each sentence, and suggests the recommended sentence or word replacement.

Free to use: We offer our basic passive voice changer services without subscription or payment details. Our plans for the subscription of advanced features are very affordable and attractive to purchase.

Other services: Our online passive voice changer tool offers additional value-added services such as spelling checking, grammatical mistake correction, and tough sentence detection. You can further apply it to drive better results.

24/7 available: Our online active to passive voice converter tool is one of the most appealing passive voice changer solutions available due to its high uptime. You can utilize it instantly and online from any location at any time.

Is it wrong to write in the passive voice?

The passive voice is perfectly acceptable. But you have to use it properly. Many experienced writers suggest you write in the active voice wherever you can. If you use passive voice too much, it will stress readers. The passive voice is used to show interest in the object being the activity's subject rather than the person or thing doing the action.

Even though the active voice is frequently preferred in writing assignments, there are some situations where it is preferable. The accent is the primary difference between active and passive speech. People use the passive voice when a performer cannot be instantly recognized or when they are unimportant to the subject. You can use our active to passive voice converter tool to change of voice in English.

Is it legit to use a passive voice changer tool?

It is totally good to use a passive voice changer tool. You may not always have the time to manually sit and spend hours checking for passive voice in your writings. However, a passive voice online tool will do all your job in a few seconds. By using a tool, you can save time. Millions of professionals and individuals are currently using such tools worldwide.

Hunt Down Passive Voice misuse with AISEO passive voice changer

It's difficult to identify a passive voice in your work. However, with the help of a passive voice changer tool, you will quickly spot passive voice in your writings. This tool will increase the authority and intent of your work. It has a color-coding scheme to help you identify style problems.

It also uses different colors to indicate passive voice sentences and difficult-to-read sentences. You can check the readability and uniqueness percentage of your whole content. To improve as a writer, your work should ideally be at least tenth-grade level readable. It also shows your reading time, character count, and other statistics.

How can I find a reliable passive voice changer tool?

Switching passive voice to active voice or active to passive is fairly simple and is quicker and easier with the help of a passive voice checker tool. In addition to problems with the passive voice, our passive voice changer may identify various other writing problems. With the help of our tool, you can fully analyze your writing and point out any issues with your usage of vocabulary, grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other language-related skills. Use it as a tool to evaluate whether you're using the active or passive voice or something similar. It will give you advice on how to improve your writing very rapidly.

What are the signs that my passive voice changer tool is right?

Verify the following indicators to see if you've chosen the proper passive voice changer tool.

  • The tool should produce extremely accurate outcomes.
  • It should provide active/passive voice misuse detection and conversion.
  • It should be able to spot grammar and punctuation errors
  • It must execute and move extremely quickly and be immediately accessible from anywhere.
  • It should have tone, effectiveness, flow detection elements, and spelling and word-choosing functionality.
  • It should be able to spot hard-to-read sentences to increase the readability.

Can I change my statement from passive voice to active voice?

You may correct the passive voice in your text. Rewriting the sentence such that the subject comes before the verb is one method for removing passive voice in writing. But restructuring a sentence might be challenging for some people, even when it sounds very straightforward to others. But with the help of our AISEO passive voice changer tool, you can convert a sentence and a whole article within a few minutes.

Is There Any Evidence That Proves Passive Voice is a Catastrophe?

No evidence proves the use of the active voice is a catastrophe. Using the active voice helps reduce the chances of a common grammar mistake called readability issues. The main reason why people claim passive voice is a catastrophe is that it is untidy and has lengthy sentence structures. But you can eliminate the passive voice by applying a passive voice changer tool to your content. The AISEO passive and active voice changer tool will provide you with the desired and accurate result. The tool can easily detect the mistakes of active and passive voices in the sentences and correct them within seconds.

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