Improve readability.

Improve readability of your content by outlining the hard to read sentences in the same style as in the hemmingway app. Then let the AI automatically improve the readability of your content.

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Improve readability tool

Text readability

With AISEO, enhance the readability of your content with one click using its sophisticated artificial intelligence capabilities to make them better optimized for higher rankings and human readers. The result is an article that is better structured and easier to read and comprehend and passes the industry-standard readability checker tools such as Hemingway Editor.
AISEO’s readability checker feature scans your article and highlights the phrases or sentences that are hard to read and must be simplified.
  • Very hard- The sentences that are very hard are marked in red. As a rule of thumb, these must be replaced to easy to read sentences.
  • Hard- The hard sentences are highlighted in yellow.
  • Passive- Passive sentences are highlighted in green and should be avoided as much as possible to improve the readability.
  • Complex phrase - AISEO highlights the complex phrases in pink. They should be replaced with simpler alternatives.

Improve readability tool

Improver readability

With one click, you can improve the readability of your article in no time. Essentially, this feature rewrites your existing article with the help of AI to write a new article using simpler sentences.

Improve readability tool

Inline readability improver

In some cases, you might want to improve the readability of just a sentence or paragraph and not the whole article.
AISEO offers a handy inline tool for that. Just select the sentence or paragraph that you want to enhance, and click on the Improve Readability tool from the inline menu.

Improve readability tool

Readability Score

At any point in time, you can check the readability score of your source or output article. This will give you an idea of whether you need to enhance the article any further.
With AISEO’s powerful readability improver feature, you will be surprised by the improvement in the score.

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