Your Privacy Matters to Us

At AISEO, we genuinely value your privacy. We're not just saying it; our practices reflect our commitment. We've simplified our policy to help you understand how we care for your data. Dive into the details below!

Quick Overview

We prioritize your data. Here's a concise breakdown of what we collect, why we collect it, and how we handle it.

When we say "You," it's our awesome users we're talking about. And "We" or "Us"? That's team AISEO!

Wondering about third-party services? We've got that covered under "Service Provider."

Also, "Cookies"? They're tiny files that help us remember things about your website visit. Not the edible kind, unfortunately.

What Info Do We Collect?

When you navigate our site, say sign up for our newsletter, or maybe even respond to a cool survey, we collect certain data. This could include your IP address, e-mail, browser type, and more. But remember, it's all to enhance your AISEO experience.
Oh, and when you use our tool, we lean on OpenAI's technology to offer you fantastic content. But we make sure it's a two-way street - they send us back your results without storing your data. Check out OpenAI's stance on privacy for more.

Why do We Collect it?

1. Tailored Experience: We want our website to feel like it's made just for you.
2. Site Improvement: Based on your feedback, we aim to make our site even better.
3. Staying in Touch: Those helpful emails? They come from the address you share. But no worries, you can opt out anytime - just hit "unsubscribe."
4. Top-Notch Support: Having certain info helps us support you in the best way possible.

Guarding Your Email

Your email is for our eyes only. It helps us keep you posted on orders, updates, and more. And just in case you ever think, "Hmm, less mail would be nice," there's always an unsubscribe link waiting at the bottom of our emails.

Data Retention: How Long Do We Keep Your Info?

Only for as long as we genuinely need it. Once it's served its purpose and there's no legal reason to hold onto it, we either delete or anonymize it. Your trust, after all, is paramount to us.

Your Data's Safety Guard

Ensuring your data's safety is our top concern. Especially sensitive info like credit card details? We’ve fortified our systems to ensure they remain confidential and untouched.

Law and Order: AISEO Edition

All matters legal related to our website fall under IN laws. However, depending on where you access us from, local or international laws might apply too.

Payments? Secure and Sound

Your payment details? Treated with the utmost respect and stored with robust security measures.

Our Cookie Policy

While AISEO uses cookies to remember aspects of your visit, rest assured we never mix these with personal info. And if you ever want to visit us incognito? Simply turn off cookies via your browser.

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