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How to get free credits (AISEO Reward program)

In this guide we explain how to get free recurring credits in AISEO for free. Making use of our generous offers by helping us spread the word.

How to get free credits (AISEO Reward program)

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to use AISEO without spending a cent? If so, I’m to tell you that it’s very much possible. In fact, we have made a conscious effort for users like you to be able to experience the awesomeness of this tool before you hit the Pay button.

So, here’s how you can achieve it. Let’s go one by one.

Free trial

Sign up for a free trial account. With that, you will get 120 credits (equivalent to 12000 words) for 7 days. This should be enough for you to write a couple of long-form blog posts if you follow our guides on the tool usage properly.

Once you have consumed the 100 free trial credits or are past the 7 days, you will not be able to use AISEO’s premium features.

But, we have some good news. As part of a promotion, we are offering generous credits for free in return for sharing your honest feedback on various review websites.

Open AISEO and navigate to the “Rewards” page from the left sidebar, or click this .

This will open the Rewards page with details of all the various places where you can share your feedback to earn free credits.

Most rewardful

By sharing your feedback on selected websites, we will be happy to add extra monthly credits to your account as a token of gratitude. These are the most valuable credits and you will get them on a recurring basis as long as you have an AISEO account.

G2 review - 500 credits worth 50000 AI words, basically one month Grow plan for free.

Once you make the review, share the screenshots with us by reaching out at, and we shall add the credits to your account.

You will earn 500 credits from the G2 review which will be good enough to write approximately 10 blog posts

Earn one-time credits

We also offer one-time credits for completing the following tasks. These credits do not renew on a monthly basis and have no expiry date.

Chrome web store review - 150 credits worth 75000 AI characters.

Trustpilot review -  75 credits worth 35000 AI characters.

Capterra review - 75 credits worth 35000 AI characters.

Facebook review - 50 credits worth 25000 AI characters.

You will earn 350 one time from these two platforms which will be good enough to write approximately seven blog posts.

Once your reviews on these platforms are approved, share the screenshots with us by reaching out at, and we shall add the recurring credits to your account.

Finally, you have another chance at earning free credits. Build Custom Templates for more personalized AI writing and share it in the Public Library.

Share 1 Custom Template - 50 one time credits worth 25000 AI characters.

And the amazing part is that you will earn credits for each custom template that you build and share, so you can do this task as many times as you want to earn unlimited credits.

Note that to be eligible for these free credits, your custom template will be reviewed by our team to make sure it’s unique and works the way it’s intended to. This is to make sure this offer is not abused by building unusable custom templates to earn credits.

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