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How to use AISEO's Readability Improver to write quality content?

In this guide we will look at How to use AISEO's Readability Improver to write quality content.

Readability contributes an essential factor in the quality of content. The more readable your content is, the more readers will reach out, and the higher your content will rank on Google or any other search engine. Readability scores give your content a score so you can get an idea of how easy or hard your content is to read. If your content has valuable information and is easy to understand and read, that makes your content high quality and will surely help your content get ranked on google because google loves user-friendly content.

AISEO comes with a powerful Readability Improver that has different useful features and will aid in enhancing your content. It can improve the readability of up to 3000 characters long content in Hemingway style.

Follow the steps below to improve the readability of your article:

Step 1 - Open the Readability Improver by clicking on the tile in the Dashboard.

This will take you to the Readability Improver page.

You will see two sections:

On the left side, you will paste the content you want to improve on the right side

On the right side, your improved content will be generated by the AI.

Step 2 - Add a title to the document at the top of the page.

Step 3 - Paste your content that needs to be improved into the left box. This will instantly highlight the sentences according to their readability - Very hard, Hard, Positive and Complex phrase.

Your primary focus should be improving the sentences that are Very hard (red) and Hard (yellow).

However, once that is done, you may try to replace the Complex phrases (pink) with simpler alternatives too.

Step 4 - Scroll to the bottom of the page (if needed) and click on Improve.

The process will take a short while, and should usually complete within a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Now you will see the output in the right box and the readability would have been improved.

If you find a few Very hard or Hard sentences in the output, you can further improve your article with some inline tools.

Step 5 - Select the sentence you want to improve in the source article and click on the Improve Readability button from the menu.

This will rewrite the sentence and improve its readability. You can then paste the improved sentence in the output.

Step 6 - In the output, you can select a poor quality sentence and imporve it using the the Improve Readability button from the inline menu.

This will imporve the readability of it with the help of AI and the result will be a better structured sentence.

Step 7 - At every step, you can check the current character/word count and readability of the output.

If the score drops after an improve redability, you can always undo and retry.

If you follow these easy steps, the improved content will have vastly enhanced quality and a better readability score.